The History of Television

Here is our latest video blog! I had a lot o’ fun makin’ this…

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7 Responses to The History of Television

  1. Rok says:

    Fantastic stuff as always!

    Have you ever considered doing some more behind the scenes/outtakes? I’d love to see some 😉

    Thanks again!

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  3. Not Yet Forty says:

    This is the funniest medley that actually makes me feel nostalgic, but mostly old – although I know most of the series from reruns.

    It’s even better with CLOSED CAPTIONS ON!

  4. Hannah Lutz says:

    How funny! When my dad heard this, he also said, “Really? I knew Susanne Sommers quit, but the Ropers did too?”

  5. john says:

    Just fyi to be technical, the show was called Hawaii 5-0 because it was the 50th state, the expression of calling police 5-0 actually came from the show, not the other way around. Extremely counter intuitive.

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