Rock Band is a very hard game.

Hey everyone! We hope you all had a very healthy Thanksgiving with lots of food!

At Glove and Boots, after we finished our turkey, we took a nap and then played Rock Band.

We’re not very good at Rock Band.

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4 Responses to Rock Band is a very hard game.

  1. Sara says:

    I could not love you guys more. The BEST.

  2. Saulo says:

    “Sorry Brazil” hahahahah thumbs up from all your brazilians fans! Keep rocking

  3. Rok says:

    I LOVE you guys, so glad the website is up!

    I first saw your work when Google Plus was all the rage, the video about hating Facebook, since then I have been a die-hard fan spreading your videos all over the place.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Joseph says:

    I share your videos with my kiddos because your opinions, sensible objective views are fun light hearted and in some cases educational. I keep my eyes peeled for new content on behalf of my kids so we can enjoy some quality time together. Thanks for the hours of fun you guys have made available. My best wishes for you guys and anyone that sponsors your work. I also want to thank those that are working behind the scenes. Have a great 2014!! Tucson,AZ

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