Glove and Boots Responds #3

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6 Responses to Glove and Boots Responds #3

  1. Amy says:

    Would you guys consider doing a citizen’s guide to making a Freedom of Information Act Request? PLEASE??? I teach this a lot, and I think you guys could do a much better job. Happy to help with it!

  2. Ravenwulf says:

    Mario should die his beard and fa-fa should jump off a cliff in the next video

  3. Amy R says:

    Is Mario accepting applications for girlfriends? If he ever gets tired of Katy Perry, I’d like to be next in line.

  4. Amy R says:

    I’d like to apply to be Mario’s girlfriend for when he is over Katy Perry.

  5. scissorluv1 says:

    Mario and Fafa, please answer this in your next comments video. Fafa your so cute! Are u single? Would you ever go out with me?

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