Top Ten Single Digit Numbers

This is definitely the stupidest top ten list ever:

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5 Responses to Top Ten Single Digit Numbers

  1. Indie says:

    I absolutely love 8.

  2. Katherine Tiffany Collins says:

    I hate the number seven because once I broke two mirrors and got more than 7 years bad luck.

  3. Dear Mario and Fafa,
    I like math and the talking number eight. Can you make the video called top ten best letters of the alphabet?

  4. shanna says:

    More Johnny T, u need merch!!!!

  5. Kevyn Knox says:

    Fantastic!! So much so, that I wish I had created this. My wife actually asked me if I had created it secretly. Alas, I had to say no.

    I actually just recently came across your site, and am loving everything I see. Great stuff indeed.

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