Come See Us at Comic Con!

Hey Everyone!

If you are at Comic Con, then you should come visit us! We’ll be talkin’/showin’ videos at The Nerdist Stage in Petco Park (Stadium) today at 5:15 PM.

It’s a free show and you don’t need a pass to get in. It’s also kinda hard to find, but not difficult to get to. The entrance is right here and all ya hafta do is go up the stairs and all the way to the back! That’s where the stage is!

Hope to see ya tomorrow. Come and say hello!

Nerd HQ
(Here’s a picture of me n’ Mario at the bottom of the steps!)

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6 Responses to Come See Us at Comic Con!

  1. Mojitana says:

    My 5 year old son adores you guys! I’ll ask him if he can endure the 3 hour drive to get to see you. Hooray for free events!

  2. Anna says:

    Awwww I wanna go to Comic Con even more now! Sadness :( Hope you guys have a great turn-out though, I love your videos!

  3. Elmo says:

    Im on my way!

  4. segerev says:

    damn you guys! I’m so jealous!!! i missed Comicon but my cousin made it and met Gorilla, Mario, and Damian…now my cousin is torturing me with all the pictures he took with you guys…sniff…and he refused to snatch mario from Damian’s hand…so jealous hehehhe

    • segerev says:

      its probably all a blur so u guys don’t remember details but my cousin, Bayani, is totally taunting me about meeting unfair…sniff

  5. axceator161 says:

    you should make a batman and robin adventure blog and the monkey butler should be alfred. that would be awesome!

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