The Most Dangerous Sport

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12 Responses to The Most Dangerous Sport

  1. Andy says:

    Football, to 95.5% of the world is shorthand for ‘Association Football’, which is not an especially dangerous sport. The beardy fella in your video actually plays a sport that is more accurately described not as ‘football’, but as ‘hand-egg’.

  2. Bazalisk says:

    Bear Wrestling.

  3. Nine 4t4 says:

    Rodeo Clown would be my vote on the list. 1970’s hockey? Why not 12th century Lacrosse?

    My pick. Base Jumping!!! This is statistically backed up. Take a fairly risky sport, and increase the risk by leaving no time to fix malfunctions. With base jumping you succeed or fail…there isn’t much in between.

  4. William Boles says:

    Kick boxing

  5. Katherine Tiffany Collins says:

    I don’t think that Ping Pong is a dangerous sport.

  6. Scottles P says:

    Ummm….guys….seriously…how the hell could you leave out MMA!?!? They even have their own Wikipedia page:
    Waaaaay more dangerous….fatalities even. I think you need to do a follow up video with Fafa’s cousin Johnny T. I think he would do a better job with the whole “dangerous sport” topic. Seriously, Johnny T. Let do this.

  7. Scottles P says:

    Also Gladiatorial Games…let’s not forget them….Romans, seriously badass…fo-getta-bout it.

  8. Scottles P says:

    Oh yeah and how could I forget THE KUMITE!!!:

  9. Indignant says:

    Motorcycle racing.

  10. Petyr says:

    Unicycling. Because everyone else wants to beat you up. Because you are a jerk.

  11. Scott B says:

    Ping Pong. Seriously. Watch it. Crazy dangerous!

  12. leon says:

    fafami like and im doing this only because i like you but I think ping pong

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