The Hero’s Journey

Hey everyone! In this week’s video, we talk about Joseph Campbell’s The Monomyth!

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9 Responses to The Hero’s Journey

  1. Scottles P says:

    “I gotta lose to Ralph Macchio? Whata ya kidd’n me!?!?” – genius.
    How do you not have a show on Comedy Central? Once upon a time Carlos Mencia had one on that network….they can’t give one to you guys? Shit. You guys are WAAAAAAAY more entertaining than that joke stealing hack. What the fuck is wrong with the world when a turd like Mencia can get a show but you guys cant?!?! THE FUCK?! TV is full of such crap nowadays. We need entertainment like Mario and Fafa to lighten the mood a little. Seriously, who sleds down a mountain in a porta potty w/ puppets?!?! WHO!??! You guys that’s who! Glove and Boots FO LIFE NIGGA-!

  2. Maddi says:

    you guys r so funny! me and my friends love glove and boots! woo!

  3. Scottles P says:

    U must listen…it calls to u:

  4. Jason says:

    Hey guys, great blog! Have you thought about editing the monomyth one to leave out the bleeped swear words so teachers could use it in the classroom? I teach 7th grade and would love to use this in my class.

    Thanks for considering it,


    • Jeffrey says:

      Ditto about the swear word issue, as I’m a teacher too. It’s a great video and without that one issue it is perfect for the classroom. Smart writing, funny, well edited, and very useful!



  5. Klaki says:

    Great video! Love the site and videos. When will another video come out?

  6. Claude says:

    Johhny T stole the show. The reenactments were hilarious!

  7. Cathryn Cade says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time, effort and thought to put together this video. Just fabulous, and you make it look easy, but like great writing I’m sure it was not.

    So appreciate people who let their quirkiness shine on the world.

    Your new fangirl,
    Author Cathryn Cade

  8. Patty Mick says:

    I gotta say “Ditto” to all those great comments above. Looks like you guys attract a LOT of teachers! I’m one as well! Some of us recognize genius and you definitely qualify! Keep up the terrific work! Boom! Done!

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