Gorillage People

Here is our latest video! A lotta people have been askin’ for more singin’ Gorilla.

So here are five of ’em. -Fafa

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5 Responses to Gorillage People

  1. Tanya Jeffries says:

    What can I say? Glove and Boots perfection. You guys are really creative with all of the videos that you make. You could easily continue to turn out great music videos like this. Thanks again for great music, great gorillas, and great laughs! 😀

  2. Luke Brickner says:

    you guys need to had a section just for GMVs (Gorilla Music Videos) everytime Im having a bad day I watch gorilla : )

  3. Katherine Tiffany Collins says:

    Go Gorilla!

  4. OX_Bigly says:

    You should have a 15 minute video of the gorilla dancing to various songs. That would be awesome.

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