American News is crap.

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  1. Hannah Lutz says:

    Bill Maher and Steven Colbert all also extremely racist. Don’t forget about Bill Maher. He’s a border- line JERK.

    • chris says:

      the Stephen Colbert you see on tv is a character meant to emulate Bill O’Reilly “papabear” aka. a arrogant self-serving conservative republican.. he is a completely different person when out of character.

      As a side note. Glad to see you guys gave Colbert the Glove and Boots “bump’. he might actually make it one day ;)

  2. Kiriakos says:

    Glove and boots is

  3. Roger Abbott says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly your best & most accurate political commentary yet! Above all else, ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!!!! (Because sadly, it’s so true.)

    Keep up the great work. Only recently discovered you guys & IU have been sharing your guys stuff with a lot of friends.

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