A World Without Twinkies

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  1. Ryan Voots says:

    It put up such a good fight. But alas poor twinkie you are no more. Never to be eaten again by an overweight child starved of vitamins, or even by diabetics who can’t see their feet.

    Hostess I salute you!

  2. I’m living in Europe, that wasteland in between America and Terrovania. I have never experienced a Twinkie other than as a cultural reference in Hollywood films, but have still lived a full life, thanks to various local products. Emergency deliveries of Jaffa cakes and Swiss chocolate are being loaded onto ships in this very moment. Stay strong.

  3. Rene Murphy says:

    No Twinkies, but thank all that is good that we have Glove and Boots to help us get through this!

  4. Hannah Lutz says:

    This is soooo sad! I am a snack cake addict, but I am fine w/ candy and ice cream, plus regular cake.

  5. Tanya Jeffries says:

    Woohoo! Time to celebrate Mario! I heard on the news recently that Twinkies are coming back this summer. You guys ought to make a celebratory welcome back Twinkies video for the occasion. :-) Even better would be if the two of you did a little Twinkies cooking lesson video. I’ve seen and heard of many different ways of “preparing” Twinkies, the weirdest being in cocktails and the cutest being as sushi. I’ve always thought that the two of you would make the greatest cooking show hosts (you’re both hilarious and bring so much energy to the camera), so should you ever decide to do a little Mario and Fafa cooking segment I know that it would just be awesome. :-)

    P.S. Since I was just on the topic of food and cooking I was wondering if I could ask a quick question. What’s your favorite thing to eat Mario? Fried chicken? Twinkies? How about you Fafa?

  6. Murf says:


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