A promise is a promise.

Here is our potty sledding video!

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5 Responses to A promise is a promise.

  1. Jen says:

    You guys are awesome!
    Wyoming loves Mario and Fafa!

  2. ivar forkbeard says:


  3. Wahdudu says:

    I care. I care that you won, because you blew up a porta-potty….@.@~*hugs* and it was BEAUTIFUL~!!! You guys are a sun shiny breath of freshness in a stagnant fart-air comedy world. You had me at hello….

  4. Claus says:

    Who the hell are you people and why haven’t I heard about you before? I knew about all sorts of crap before I discovered your awesomeness! Your videos are very well made, with efforts that truly shows! Very nice!

  5. Kent Hughes says:

    Hey, did you guys ever find the GoPro?

    Nice blast!!!

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