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Rock Band is a very hard game.

Hey everyone! We hope you all had a very healthy Thanksgiving with lots of food! At Glove and Boots, after we finished our turkey, we took a nap and then played Rock Band. We’re not very good at Rock Band.

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“Glove and Boots”: no strings attached

Thank you for this fine review, PlaceVine! They are very nice words, indeed.

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Shortest Blog Ever

Gorilla asked me to post this. He wouldn’t stop buggin’ me.

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Whenever you are featured on a site called “Don’t Feed the Monkeys,” it is a good day.

Check out, Don’t Feed the Monkeys! Gorilla is pleased with our accomplishment.

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Time Machine

Even though Mario gets sad at one point, this is one of my favorite video blogs!

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Attack of the Show!

Mario was on Attack of the Show last week. He’s real excited about it and won’t stop rubbin’ it in my face. Game Trailers – E3 2012 – Around the Net

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Welcome to our new website!

This is our new website.  We’ll be updating it regularly, so please come back and visit often!  Here is our first video blog.  You can see the rest of them by going to our video blog playlist.  It’s right under … Continue reading

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