Thank You For a Great Season 4!

Hey Everybody!

We had a blast this year and look forward to 2015. Keep an eye out for season 5 next year, but for now… we’re goin’ on vacation! Woohooo!

Happy New Year!

Mario, Fafa, Gorilla, Johnny T, Hanzi, Blake, Bungo and all the rest of us at Glove and Boots!

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The Teleporter

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Glove and Boots – Oh Christmas Tree

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Glove and Boots – Outtakes 5!

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Johnny T’s Subway Tips

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Ten Terrible Lawn Decorations

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The Headless Horseman Blog

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To Meh With You

Our version:

Original version and our version side by side:

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Movie Theater Etiquette

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A Brief History of Robin Thicke’s 2013 Summer Hit

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